Album Cover In this album Ethiopian singer Dereb Desalegn aka Dereb the Ambassador, has teamed up with producer Tony Buchen to faithfully record the music of 1960s-70s Ethiopian soul. Putting together a 9 piece band including a 5 piece horn section of some of the finest horn players in the Antipodes and fresh off a plane from Addis master organ and piano player Danny Seyfu, the set of 11 songs was recorded using only gear that pre dates 1970. In doing so they have recreated the feel of the dusty Ethiopian soul records that have started to once again become popular worldwide. download on Itunes

Ney Denun Tiseshe (Seyfu Hayle) by Dereb the Ambassador Setaleygn (Tilahun Gesese) by Dereb the Ambassador Etu Gela (Tesfaye Lemissa) by Dereb the Ambassador